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The New Platinum 388 Skater

As much as one might be inclined to whine about the cold and snow of being on location with PBN, we can't whine about it. We know this is what really gives PBN the edge in covering things for you. Being deeply involved requires more than sitting behind a computer it requires being on location and we know you have seen the beautiful pictures of boats and bikini's and we often say if you've got to have a job it should be this one! …

Bill Pyburn Discuss the Spectacular New 388 Skater Platinum

For about five years now Bill Pyburn's 388 Skater, Pure Platinum has dominated the performance pleasure boat world. Powered with Chief Performance Motors and maintained by Brand X Hi Performance the boat has seen thousands of hours running big numbers on pump gas at events around the country. The boat has been so good Bill has been reluctant to change anything. …