About the Process


Douglas Marine/Skater use what the industry calls "composite" lamination materials, meaning epoxy that requires no catalyst carbon fiber, Kevlar, and E-glass. The process includes vacuum bagging, not only the cores, but the entire laminate , the use of these materials was pioneered by the aerospace industry.


There's a good reason that Skater has set the benchmark for high-performance catamarans for more than 35 years. Douglas Marine/Skater founder Peter Hledin is unyielding when it comes to quality and craftsmanship, and his boats perform. He's also one of the best listeners in the business—he takes what he hears about his cats from offshore-racing greats like John Tomlinson and changes his products accordingly. Plus, he works in his own shop, right down to grind and sanding, in coveralls every day.


Douglas Marine/Skater manufacturing techniques with our legendary hard working, skilled and experienced crew of boat builders is what allows us to produce the strongest, highest quality, race proven catamarans in the world